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      Nestled at the base of the glorious Big Horn Mountains you will find our little slice of heaven.  We are a family-owned farm providing the surrounding area with the most gorgeous of blooms.  Stiving to give our local community the beauty we so enjoy!  Being a female owned and run business is something we also pride ourselves in. We truly believe that beauty is a wonderful form of nourishment in this crazy world, and we hope that our blooms will nourish you too. 

      When my mother-in-Law came to me three years ago with the idea of a "Flower Farm" I thought it sounded too good to be true. Well, here we are now, three years later and thriving. Every aspect of growing flowers truly amazes me. From seedlings to out in the field blooming away.  The stages from start to finish bring me so much joy. Being able to share it with our community is the best feeling. My hopes are to keep growing and keep showing everyone the true beauty that lies within the Farm. 

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